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About Hudson Valley Medical Bill Advocates

Hudson Valley Medical Bill Advocates is dedicated to providing the highest quality and attention to our clients in the ever challenging world of medical bills.  

Team Members

Cheryl, CEO & Founder

Patty has been in the medical insurance field for 30 years.  She has held many positions within healthcare, such as, Insurance Claims Adjuster, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Medical Record Auditor, Coder, Biller and Instructor. 
Patty is certified nationally through the AAPC and is currently working on two national certifications.  One is through the AAPC and the other is through AHIMA. 
Patty believes in approaching every new client with integrity, respect, commitment, competence, fairness and a responsibility for making their lives a little better.  These attributes assure confidence and integrity when solving medical billing and insurance issues for the American public.  
The average person does not have the time or patience to solve the medical industry jargon.  Patty loves the "detective" work.
Mister, CPC and has been in the medical billing and coding field for almost 14 years and have been certified for 10 years.  In that time, she has worked in several different specialties and she is passionate about correct coding and billing practices and is very excited to use her experience to help others!! 




Pamela founded Organwise to provide all size businesses with the support and guidance they need to streamline their operations, save time, improve productivity and increase revenue. Pamela has a Master’s of Public Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the George Washington University. Pamela Meister is a passionate, motivated professional who strives to add value to her clients and make a positive impact in the world.PAMELA, Marketing



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